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Welcome to India Thaiboxing & MMA Association . The “NUMERO UNO” place to learn MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts – Boxing , Muay Thai ,Brazilian jiu -jitsu , Judo , wrestling and shoot fighting ) , Krav Maga and Kickboxing in Chennai in its true essence.

India Thaiboxing & MMA Association is the pioneer club in Chennai for Mixed Martial Arts. Kru J.Keshav ( India’s leading Alternative fitness specialist ) founded the club in the year 1999 with the primary motive of training Muay thai and Jiu Jitsu in its authentic form. Since 1999, the club has expanded the spectrum of martial arts to Kickboxing , MMA , boxing and Krav Maga. Over course of time , the city of Chennai saw a glut of IT companies and with it came the sedentary lifestyle. Kru J Keshav realized the need for an alternate the art of physical fitness and founded boot camp in Chennai the year 2010. Today, his bootcamp Chennai is one of the best Functional Fitness centers in Chennai and delivers results for young and aged alike.

Martial arts domain includes Kick-boxing , Muaythai, Mixed Martial Art (MMA) and Krav Maga . Our martial arts training are designed to create and nurture into sports person as well as professional martial artist. Our facilities across various centres in Chennai are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to hone beginner sport person and advance level candidates.

Physical fitness – we do not define physical fitness, instead we define what is ‘NOT PHYSICAL FITNESS’ :

Being overweight
Undue fatigue
Inability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities
Absence of optimum metabolism
We deliver physical fitness in two ways:

Physical fitness through Mixed Martial Arts
Physical fitness through our boot camp
Why us?

We are the pioneers of introducing Mixed Martial Arts and physical fitness in the city of Chennai. Our founder and teacher – Kru J.Keshav, with more than 30 years of experience provides training in the authentic form of each type of martial art.
We are the only club in Chennai to impart training in MMA which is a combination of 5 Martial Arts – Boxing , Kickboxing , Muaythai , Jiu-jitsu , shoot fighting.
In addition, we impart training in Wrestling and Judo . This makes us the only club in Chennai to provide training in such a wide spectrum of martial arts
The club is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilitating training for martial arts as well as physical fitness
As of date, our club has trained more than 5,600 members.
Our club undertakes both individual group as well as corporate trainings
We are the only club in India to introduce absolutely FREE Krav Maga training classes for women in Chennai and children below the age of 10. There are absolutely NO TERMS AND CONDITIONS for this.

We are the only club in Chennai to train 7,500 members. The break-up details by type of training is as under:

Individual groups
There are strictly no other instructors who will teach you during the practice sessions, all aspects of fighting will be directly taught to you by Our Chief Coach Master J.Keshav himself.Master J.Keshav frequently conducts self defense seminars in Krav Maga , and Mixed Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Chennai and in various parts of Tamil Nadu and in North India.

Reach out to Kru J. Keshav ( India’s leading Alternative fitness specialist )  at +91 9500170000 for Boxing , Kickboxing , Muaythai , Krav maga and MMA in Chennai or best Fitness centers in chennai.









What Our Customers Say?

  • PrathapPrathap
    I am Pratap, during my school and collage days I was very athletic and wanted to remain the same even after pursuing a career, that is the main reason I enrolled for a Kickboxing class. The atmosphere in the class is very much fun filled and I make sure that I don’t miss a single session Prathap
  • Ashok Kickboxer - ChennaiAshok
    Excellent institute to learn authentic fight skills that is applicable both in ring and street fight.Master Keshav teaches techniques that can be used by any person both in the ring and street.I joined the class with the doubt that one needs to be very heavy to fight.But after joining the class I came to know that an average built person can become a skilled fighter.Thanks to Master Keshav.I joined the class 3yrs back and there is no looking back.I recommend this institute if anyone is looking for good fight techniques and complete physical workout. Ashok.
  • Vasu - MMA Fighter ChennaiVasudevhan
    The best academy to learn martial arts,in the city, with Keshav master. This is a place where you can learn every Martial arts from basic to professional level . They teach you every single Technic and will train you to became a fighter. The Technic what we learning is the best proven methods in martial arts from around the world. who wants to live a life with happiness and strength ,So go for it guys...!!!
  • 10Rohith Madappa
    All this is possible only through consistent and methodical training. Master Keshav gets you to be where you want be when it comes to sharpening your defensive and attacking skills. Under the watchful guidance of Master Keshav, we learn various defensive and attacking techiques that can ward of danger that lurks around. Initial body conditioning and training is rigorous that puts your mental and physical strength to test. This is when you realise you need to carry on to get better in every aspect of life. Giving up Kickboxing within the first 3 months of training can be an easy option but never a WISE DECISION !!! Anybody who has quit has come to regret later. "
  • Vivek Pathiban - Kickboxer ChennaiVivek Pathiban
    Excellent class...good infrastructure..Amazing workout equipments..well trained master..his technique is unique and more effective..am learning there for the past 3 years..really good academy...:)
  • Keshav is a brilliant trainer, he not only helped me to reduce my weight, which I thought was the only thing I needed to work on, but the better points of maintainig a good psychique management” like keeping the muscles toned and tight, shaping the body effectively with weights without bulking me and his knowledge in dietary is far better than my previous coaches. Aparna Hariharan, Software Engineer, Team Leader, Cognizant, Chennai
    Aparna Hariharan
  • I took classes with J.Keshav (For Fitness and Self Defense) and never looked back! I lost over 15 pounds in 12 weeks. The classes are designed in such a way to promote fun. ITB is awesome – and all I can say is…I WANT MORE FUN. Thank You Master!
    Diya Ramnani
  • preetha-vedicboxingPreetha, Student, Australia
      Being physically active and in shape has always been a part since my early ages. Building and maintaining a  well-toned body requires dedication to a regimen of cardiovascular exercise and weight trainings along with a healthy diet. It was becoming tougher to stay in shape and I wasn’t improving in my training. I had also recently injured my tailbone and the pain reflected in my workouts for a long enough time that my physique suffered. For the first time, I decided to seek out a personal trainer. I had always trained myself with good results my criteria for a trainer was strict and the shoes looked like it was an impossible target.  The timing could have not have been better ,to make in short I am extremely thank full to J.Keshav and his organization which helped me to reach my goal in surprisingly short span of time. Preetha, Student, Australia
  • In a panic over an upcoming trip to India I started training with J.Keshav. Now, 4 weeks later, I am really amazed at how quickly the weight has decreased. Keshav knows how to focus on those “Important areas ” as well as getting the whole body balanced andCARDIO KICKBOXING CHENNAIwell toned. I have trouble with my knees and lower back and Keshav was always sure to modify exercises and be mindful of not aggravating past injuries. Know I feel fit, strong and comfortable.
    In today’s junk food lifestyle, Staying fit in my 20′s has become a challenge. With my IT job taking control of my life, I had little time to workout and I was very stressed. Then, a friend told me about Master J.Keshav’s classes. I have to say the way I approach life has literally changed with kickboxing. Thank you ITB for promoting a healthy lifestyle! Susela Raman, Singer, UK