ITB (IndiaThaiBoxing) / Academy oF  MMA Chennai , is one of the earliest clubs which started to teach Mixed Martial Arts in India . MMA Chennai India by combining the best of fighting techniques from multiple arts since Feb 1999. Back then the word MMA was unheard of in India, the word “Self defense” was associated only with Karate. 

Many so called Mixed Martial Arts club teaching MMA in Chennai pick some attacking methods from different Martial arts and present it in their MMA syllabus, which is sadly not effective Mixed Martial Arts.


The fighting system taught by Academy of MMA Chennai is not just a mix of martial arts , MMA  is a fusion of handpicked martial art striking techniques, unless you have knowledge about the art which is practiced in MMA  you will never get the proper taste of MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ).

Fighting system is mainly divided into 2 major modes, 1. Stand up fighting, 2. Ground fighting: A professional MMA fighter should have knowledge about both stand up and ground fighting. Plainly mixing Karate, Kung fu and Taekwondo cannot be classified as professional MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ) , similarly a combination of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Wrestling can neither be tagged as Professional Mixed Martial arts.

A professional MMA fighter should know how to tackle a stand up and ground fighter, to do this he should have proper knowledge in both stand up and ground fighting. A MMA fighter’s skill depends on the technique which he decides choose from a principal fighting form (stand up – ground fighting)

Since its popularity has been rising all across the world, many martial art teachers especially in India , Chennai – Masters who have absolutely “ZERO” knowledge about the art have started conducting classes based on MMA in Chennai and camps by learning through “YOUTUBE VIDEOS” to get some quick bucks.  The irony is they wouldn’t have mentioned their knowledge about any other art other than which they had been teaching for years, but all of sudden when MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing created a market for itself after movies like “Ong Bak” they started add all these arts to their “martia

MMA in Chennai - ITB
MMA in Chennai – ITB

l art menu list” for enthusiasts who want to learn MMA in Chennai

Don’t fall prey. Read our article on “Fake Masters” 

REMEMBER A MASTER DEGREE IN “Economics” does not permit anyone to be a Doctor or Psychiatrist or an Engineer, similarly a master in one particular art cannot ensure you  proper training in other art forms without learning.

MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ) is the best and the most brutal form of martial arts that is practiced today, MMA allows its practitioners to fight with any kind of technique that is practiced in martial arts worldwide, there are almost no restrictions with the way you strike your opponents. MMA is an awesome blend of ground and stand up fighting. The best part of  MMA competitions is it allows fighters from all kinds of martial art to fight in their own way without much restriction to the striking techniques and this is the reason why MMA has become a global phenomenon today.

Our classes taught for MMA in Chennai does not become an art by itself but as its name suggests, it’s a mix of best fighting techniques from martial arts like Boxing , Wrestling , Muaythai, Kickboxing, Judo and Jiu jitsu. Fighters are allowed to punch in the face, kick below the belt and even to hold your opponents with jujitsu locks and grappling techniques, thus giving the fighters to apply any technique which they have been trained in. MMA became popular in the early 90’s in America, competitors of various styles and arts where put together in a ring and where allowed to fight with no protective gears except gloves, this was first of its kind for the audience and to the martial art society and soon gained popularity and become a sport which Academy of MMA in Chennai , India organises full contact tournaments regularly in Chennai, anyone willing to fight can come and register  to check out their professional full contact fighting skills.


 WARNING: Those who have fighting experience in “sports based touch and pull back tournaments” please excuse yourself considering your safety.

Reach Academy Call Master J.Keshav: +91 9500170000